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Welcome to my blog, Speak To The Brain Not The Heart! 

Providing a positive and different perspective to mental health challenges.  

My name is Ginny! IMG-0727 I am a geeky science nerd who overcame the suffering from Pure “O” Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and loves everything science.  I am also happily married to a man with Asperger’s and is a mother of two amazing children, one of them having been born a micro-preemie.

I encounter mental health challenges on a daily basis, some personal (hello, tired mom here with an OCD brain!), and some are encounters with people experiencing their own mental health challenges.  Mental health is everywhere and it shouldn’t be ignored or frowned upon anymore!  It is time to ramp up mental health awareness!

Before life gave me funky lemons, I did major in biology, fueled by a childhood dream of becoming a biologist.  Unfortunately, I fell short of becoming a biologist and eventually crammed all my medical-science credits (a lot of them)  into a pretty-looking undergraduate certificate, semi-qualifying me as a bonafide paper-pusher.  So, just to clarify,  I am not a professional medical expert, nor am I an expert of any kind; except probably in the art of boring paper filing.

Although I try to provide factual content based on researched information, I strongly advise readers to do their own research.  Furthermore, nothing provided in my blog should be relied upon to determine a medical diagnosis or determine/replace a treatment plan.  Please consult your health-care provider with any personal mental health concerns.  Remember, your mental health matters!

Everyone experiences mental health differently.  This blog is based primarily on personal experiences, random expressed thoughts, and geeky interests in science with the overall intention and goal to provide a positive and different perspective to mental health challenges.   🙂

Comments on my posts are always welcome!

BTW, all cartoon illustrations in this blog (since March 4, 2019) are created by me (Ginny).  I love to doodle!  Hope you enjoy them.  🙂