July Break Starting Early: Be Back In August

Hi Brains!

Oh my gosh, I cannot even begin to tell you…

The Universe was certainly clearing my plate for something BIG!

On top of everything going on (as mentioned in my last post), we’re just going to throw in a tonsillectomy!  Yup, getting my tonsils removed!   Talk about ANXIETY!

I have so much anxiety right now, my OCD Brain totally abandoned me!  Seriously.  Like, it threw itself off it’s high-pedestal and told me, “Good Luck,” and sat it’s fat OCD butt in the corner.  Still there, waiting to squeeze in an OCD thought when it can.

Ugh.  I am not looking forward to a tonsillectomy.   I am told that due to my age, it is going to be a rough recovery.  I am told there are two different kinds of people, some that sleep the first week of recovery, because the pain is so unbearable and some that just chill in bed with Netflix and popsicles with pain that is described as “uncomfortable,” not entirely “unbearable.”

I am worried about pain.  I am having a difficult time wrapping my head around the fact that I am going into surgery without pain to wake up in tremendous pain.  How does one mentally prepare for that!

I also, don’t do well with mouth pain (who does?).  I can lower the level of pain I am in with meditation (learned it from my mom), so long as that pain is no-where near my head.  But, I am a HUGE baby when it comes to sore-throats.  I hate sore-throats so much, I put them at the top of the list with kidney stones!  LOL

Anyway, I am not happy that I have to get this done, just before my step-kids are scheduled to visit for summer break.  The first week of visitation, my husband is on his own, because I will still be recovering from my surgery.

I bet every wife out there can relate and understand the terror of leaving their husbands in charge of the household for a week!  LOL.  I am joking, my husband will do fine.

Anyway, I know it is not the end of the world.  I truly believe all this crazy chaos is setting us up for a new beginning.  Almost, in every bad situation, things always get worse or more difficult, before it gets better.  I am still optimistic.

It is sometimes difficult to be positive in chaotic situations, but positivity brings life to hope and hope encourages us to move forward.  My mom said something to me the other day, that if you are going to fall and if you’re going to fall hard, always make sure you fall forward – not backwards.” ❤

This has been a tough year for everyone.  I do hope things get better for everyone.

July is always a busy month for me, so I am probably not going to be able to post again until August.  I wish everyone a happy, healthy, relaxing summer!

Hope everyone has a great, safe, fun summer!



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