Allergies Kicking My Butt: Just Venting

It rained and so my nose drains… 

Every time it rains, my allergies start to kick my butt.  I get no relief from allergy medicine; doesn’t even matter the brand anymore.  None of it works.  If the allergy medicine (Allegra) is working today, I’d totally wouldn’t want to know what it would be like without it working, because my nose is pretty stuffed up!

I’m so miserable when I can’t breathe out of my nose (who is?) or when my nose runs faster than a water faucet.  But, I think the worst part of having allergies, is feeling tired and you can’t sleep, because you can’t breathe out your nose.

Sometimes, if I am lucky, I can lay on my side and all of the congestion will drain to the other side.  It’s actually a pretty cool sensation; reminds me of pouring liquid from one cup into another cup.  But, sometimes there is a delayed transition when both sides are super congested and you can’t even swallow your own spit without your ears popping!

Although pretty gross, it is entertaining for a while and also a great way to practice mindfulness!  LOL

So far, the only relief I can get is temporary; generally, by eating spicy foods, taking a hot shower (which no mom has time for), a hot compress across the bridge of my nose to open up the sinuses, salt water (saline) up my nose, pinching the bridge of my nose like those interesting snoring-reducing nasal strips, or believe it or not, pressing my tongue up against the roof of my mouth works wonders too.  I don’t know the science behind that one, but hey, whatever works, right!?

Seasonal Allergies are new to me.  
I was raised in the desert with concrete, dirt, cacti, rocks, and more dirt.  I am not used to living in a place with trees, flowers, grass, shrubs, and rain.  The closest thing we ever got to rain in the desert was water misting off a water fountain on a windy day.  Okay sure, it occasionally rained-rained, but like maybe 5 minutes, a few times a year.  By the time you got outside to enjoy it, everything was dry again-thus, we never got any mold.

Ugh, where I live now, it’s a constant cycle of different allergens.  It’s either a stupid tree blooming, a windy day knocking pollen all around, a landscaper cutting grass, a dirty a/c filter needing changing, or mold after a long rain-storm.  It’s awesome (total sarcasm there).

Even our pet bunny triggers allergies after I clean its cage.  I found that I don’t suffer from allergies as much if we stick with paper bedding $$$, rather than the usual aspen-type bedding.  And, our poor bunny, has to naw on tiny compact hay blocks, instead of loose bits of hay, because of my allergies.  Oh boy, am I allergic to hay!

So, allergies.  Yup.  Super fun.  Do you know any home-remedies for allergy relief?  Leave us a comment. 🙂

I guess I am just a mess.  Anyway, thanks for letting me vent.  🙂   I hope everyone is having a good week!

7 thoughts on “Allergies Kicking My Butt: Just Venting”

    1. I have a nasal spray, but I don’t think it’s steroid- I think it’s just regular allergy medicine in nasal-spray form. I am going to ask my dr about it. Maybe my nasal spray needs a little extra boost! Thanks! 🙂

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