The Universe Balancing Itself Out

Man, when life hits ya, it can sometimes hit ya hard!  

Every once in awhile I go through a period of intense overwhelming stress.  For whatever reason, my entire world turns upside down- anything that can happen, does happen, and generally, it happens all at once.  Murphy’s law at its best, really.

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

-Murphy’s Law

Life has been crazy overwhelming since the beginning of September and today, is the first time things have been calm and peaceful.

I believe these random periods of chaos is the Universe’s way of balancing itself out.  I generally tend to only have a few bad days (sometimes a few bad weeks) throughout an entire year.  So, technically, that’s not too bad, given that the rest of my year is fantastic!

I guess, after having a few good years though, I was probably due for a couple of bad months.  Perhaps, that was the case this time, because this period of chaos was a doozie!

Both my kids got sick (twice), one of them was hospitalized, while the other was out of school for an entire week.  They both had a common cold and then later, strep with a mild viral infection.  This was the root of all my stress, especially, since the beginning of this month, we went from amazing health-care insurance to “What kind of health-care insurance is this?”  Basically, our premiums doubled and we lost really good benefits.

But, that wasn’t all I was dealing with… 

I am in charge of everything.  On top of the average domestic duties of a modern housewife and mother, I am also in charge of paying bills, budgeting finances, unclogging toilets, routine car maintenance, and household maintenance, such as changing air filters, fixing appliances, and taking out the trash.  I do this, all in between raising kids, washing laundry, and putting food on the table.  I truly do everything, except bring home a paycheck.  Given enough time in the day, I could probably do that too. 

I am not complaining though.  I truly do not mind doing everything.  Fortunately, my OCD brain is really good at managing chaos; however, I am not a robot.  I have human limitations and boundaries.  No matter how organized and smoothly efficient things are, I do, on occasion, get exhausted, stressed, and overwhelmed and that is okay.  Sadly, the problem is when there is no emotional support for when I do get overwhelmed.

My husband’s extreme anxiety, mild case of Asperger’s, and fear of responsibility (hypengyophobia), can be quite challenging when I am in need of emotional support and/or a little extra help with the daily biz.  For the most part, I am just left to figure it out on my own- which takes time.

It also didn’t help, that I got sick too.  I don’t think with Strep, but certainly, a mild viral infection.   Basically, after everyone got better, all the “fires” were put out, the house was clean, and everyone was back on tract, my body broke down and I finally got sick too.   I also broke down emotionally- I felt as if I had taken on the world and the world had won.  Things got so overwhelming, I struggled with a sense of time.  I wasn’t on top of everything.  A lot of things, minor things, fell through the cracks.  But, in the end, all turned out okay.

I am good now.  I know what day it is.  My house is clean.  My to-do-list is small.  I am grateful for all things little and large.  And, I also have a smile on my face- with a cup of coffee in my hand.

This is how my Universe works.   I have periods of good days and bad days, more good days than bad days, and the few bad days I do have, are just thrown in to balance out chaos.  This is life.  Understanding it, makes those bad days not so bad.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!  If you are having a bad day, week, or even a month, remember better times are just around the corner.  ❤




















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