Pardon The Mess: A Blog Makeover

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Making a few amazing changes to my blog

Hi Brains!

Around 4am this morning, I had an epiphany.  Apparently, a large glass of caffeinated ice-tea will certainly wake up the brain cells and get the hamster wheel going in my brain…

Anyway, with a lot of thought, A LOT of thought, I decided it was best for my blog (and for me, to become a better blogger) that I try to focus on just 1 simple mental health topic for my blog.  With much consideration, I have ultimately decided to focus more on OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder); instead of trying to write about every mental health experience I personally encounter everyday.

Although I plan to provide more content about OCD, I will still continue to sprinkle my blog (every so often) with content about my husband’s fascinating Asperger’s brain, the mental health challenges of being a busy mom, a parent of a micro-preemie, and a step-parent, as well as, discussing other fascinating mental-health experiences; however, just not quite as often as I would like nor perhaps how often my amazing readers expected…sorry.

BUT, I shall certainly continue to do my very best to provide positive encouragement to all of those who have embarked on their own mental-health journey, regardless what mental health journey they are on.  Everyone’s mental health matters!

Thank you Brains!

An enormous THANK YOU to all the amazing brains who have read, commented, and shared my blog!  An even greater THANK YOU to all those following my blog!

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!