Family First: Change In Posting Schedule

Hi Brains!

Thank you Followers and for those who have taken time to check out my blog!

I have been chewing on this for awhile and I am still not exactly sure what to say…  I enjoy writing very much (working on my first book, if you can believe that), but the past couple of weeks or past month even, has been difficult.  My mom is sick.

I’ve dreaded the day my parents were going to be “old.”  Okay, they aren’t that old, but they are certainly not as young as they used to be either.  In fact, the older my dad gets, the more and more he looks just like my grandpa (his dad).  Super creepy!  He even wears pocket button-down shirts, just like Grandpa…before, buttons were just for special occasions!

While my dad morphs into an exact replica of my crazy grandfather, my mom hasn’t aged a bit.  Not even kidding; she is often carded on Senior Citizen Day!  Unfortunately, appearances can be deceiving, for that she is suffering with an autoimmune disease (Rheumatoid Arthritis) that is causing all sorts of mayhem to her body.

The past couple of months have been rough for my mom, whose health has started to really decline.  Her previous doctor(s) just want to treat symptoms rather than get down to the root problem(s).  However, she finally took my advice and got a new doctor, a doctor who is more interested in investigating the root problem than just putting band-aids on the symptomatic ones.  Which is good, but we hope not too late.

My mom is worried about the ugly “C’ word.  It is unclear as to what exact tests are being done, for that my mom has a terrible habit of zoning out during her check-ups.  Basically, covering her ears and saying to herself, “lalalalalalalalalala, I am not listening.”  This is her mature way of dealing with bad news.

Right now, we are waiting….for test results.

In the meantime, I have been driving back and forth to help her out.  Trying to be the solid rock that she says I am.  I am actually a mushy rock, hidden behind a canvas painted like a solid rock, because internally, I am just an emotional mess about all this.  But, I remain positive.

Anyway, sorry for the TMI post, but I guess what I am saying, is that I am still committed to my blog.  I was seriously thinking about quitting, but I know my mom wouldn’t like that; especially, since I have a habit of quitting when times get tough.

So…Speak To The Brain Not The Heart mental health blog is not going anywhere!  However, I cannot promise to post every Monday.  My goal is still to post every week and of course as often as I can, because you never know when a random thought might come up.  🙂

Wishing everyone good mental health (overall health too) and a happy week!


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