Tackling Anger For Kids (Kid Book Review)

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My oldest child was born with a sassy fire-blazzing attitude, whereas, my other child is, well, basically our little happy Buddha.  Although, they are several years apart, I often call them Ying and Yang, because they are complete extreme opposites of each other.  Both children can be quite the handful when their two opposite personalities collide with one another;  as powerful as a nuclear meltdown.   Fortunately, for the most part though, it really isn’t that bad, just interesting.  However, my oldest starts school soon and I have been instructed to get her defiant attitude under better control.

A leopard cannot change its spots…nor should it

I don’t want my oldest to lose her fire.  Born a micro-preemie (26 weeks), she was born with this fire and it has driven her to overcome some incredible obstacles.  As a parent, I feel it is my job to teach her how to harness her fire rather than just extinguish it out for good.  Emotions are like oxygen, it fuels her fire!  So we’ve been working a lot on how to better express our emotions.

Last week, we went to the library and I came across this book called, “Mouse Was Mad ,” by Linda Urban.  I LOVE IT!

This is a great book!  It is about a mouse who is mad (obviously) and goes through different types of temper-tantrums (stomping, screaming, rolling around, etc).

Not realizing that Mouse is mad, each of his friends, tells him he is doing it wrong and each demonstrate the correct way to stomp, scream, roll around, etc.  Mouse fails to do it correctly and gets even more mad, to the point he is standing silently still.  The way Mouse arrives to a calm state of mind is the cutest story ever!

If you are looking for a good book that talks about anger, this is it!  Not a bad read for adults either.  🙂