Hi Brains!

Welcome to “Speak To The Brain, Not The Heart” overcoming the emotional suffering of OCD!

I am excited you are here!  

This blog is about overcoming the emotional suffering of OCD, as well as mental health in general, because let’s be honest, our amazing brain is just as important as our hard working pumping heart and constantly contracting lungs!

The brain may not be a cool muscular organ doing constant manual hard labor like the heart and lungs; but instead, its more like a super-nerd constantly processing the Universe around us and telling our bodies what to do.  The brain is the boss and if over-worked, things can get a little quirky.  Lots of different things can happen when our brains get quirky; sometimes, it’s temporary whereas other times, it might be a little more permanent.

I am looking forward to sharing with you my personal mental health journey with Pure “O” OCD, the things I have learned and the experiences I have encountered that have allowed me to overcome the emotional suffering of my OCD.  I still have an OCD brain, but my OCD bully brain no longer controls me.  I am in control!

Everyone experiences mental health differently, as no two brains are alike, but with a lot of work, (sorry, it does take work), a positive attitude, a new perspective, and some ups and downs, I am confident that you can live comfortably with your OCD brain too!

Whether you have a mental health disorder or just going through a rough mental period, your mental health matters and the purpose of this blog is to provide a positive perspective to encourage all brains to practice better mental health.